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It is impossible to imagine the image of a stylish and truly beautiful person without beautiful hair, forming a trendy hairstyle. VitaHair Max

VitaHair Max – hair, where to buy the cheapest, how does it work?

Continuing the never-ending topic of hair care in today's article I want to share information about the tool acts as a stimulator of hair growth on the head.

Because, no matter how good was not shampoo, extra care in the form of conditioners, oils, masks, scs and activators are not only useful, but sometimes just shown.

Stimulants are not needed, perhaps, only owners of thick hair that don't start falling out from stress, hormonal changes or changing seasons, all other information will be useful.

I've tried more than one such activator, but I will tell about acquaintance with which took place first and which later was repeated three more times. This VitaHair Max from Hobe Labs. With him, as with most of these good products, a meeting took place on iHerb.

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Just note undeniable, at least for me, plus the tool is applied to clean damp hair after shampooing or to dry between washing, with no weighting and no contamination of hair.

Although I would note that just as clean, shiny and flushed as when using only the hair still does not look like. But this activator is not need to worry about oil masks and tools, which are applied for "some time" effects and then wash off.

Feedback even writing that used VitaHair Max how the packing and fixing, but I had such hopes were not pinned, and similar abilities are not noticed.

But there were reviews and that the tool is not effective and does not help. I would even say that the enthusiasm of its magical effects not too much. Apparently this is an individual matter, we have a tool developed and me and my daughter.

With regular use, begin to grow new hair that can be clearly seen on the hairline. Surely they begin to "add" over the entire head, but there they are difficult to assess, and the hair generally become thicker and thicker.

Clearly, genetics has not been canceled, and to "increase" the number of hairs greater than programmed by nature, will not work. But to awaken "sleeping" follicles hair Energizer follicle stimulator is capable of.

Check VitaHair Max and improve life

VitaHair Max, instruction manual

The stimulator is used at least 1-2 times a week, in fact, even daily use is possible, it just might not be feasible in practice: on time and do not always have time, and wetting the hair, have a new way to stack.

I tried to put in 2 days, with each successive washing. Apply it on the roots, excluding the length of the hair.

You can split a hair comb, at the partings, in turn their sbryzgivaja. Either pour the medium in a palm and to distribute on the scalp.

If time allows, the activator may be applied bing massage movements, and if not – then just sprinkle the skin.

How much of the length to use means for the emergence and growth of new hair in women and men.

Recommended plan looks like this:

But since the result is noticeable earlier than in six months, then the use of courses, in my opinion, you can go ahead of month through 2-3.

I means not pinched, although in the beginning a slight tingling sensation was present, but eventually the skin adapts and stops responding, does not cause any discomfort.

Grow you hair faster? Thought Yes, but since the growth of my hair oblamyvanija the tips, the increase in the rate of growth rate failed.

The volume is not small 237 ml., with careful application and accordingly economical, bottle lasts for 1.5-2 months.

The flaw, which is often criticized – often gets clogged and stops working, the spray (despite the fact that the activator liquid, it has a slightly cloudy appearance, color and appearance similar to the broth of herbs, it is herbal mist).

I bought three bottles of this to happen to one, somewhere in the middle of use, had to pour in the empty bottle with sprayer.

Alternatively, the spray can be washed.

On the appearance of the packaging manufacturer, in principle, not bother, not the most expensive plastic, simple design, not bad and not confuse, would be the result.

What else can count as a minus is the smell, which also complain. The aroma is really not the most charming, reminded me of a long time constant herbal infusion, someone compares it with the forgotten stale perfume. But the hair almost immediately disappears and they do not smell anything. This fragrance is "achieved" thanks to the panthenol in the composition.

Also panthenol has a lot of useful additives, in fact, the activator of all of them is))

Except in the end of the composition of chemical preservatives methylparaben and propylparaben, and water-bonding of propylene glycol. Me in such a quantitative ratio they are not confused, so plan a way to repeat it after use of the stimulator with iHerb.

Check VitaHair Max and improve life

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