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Today we present to your attention review of innovative serum SkinVitalis (SkinVitalis). This review is mainly intended to gather feedback from those who

SkinVitalis - official site, buy now, reviews, price

Today we present to your attention review of innovative serum SkinVitalis (SkinVitalis). This review is mainly intended to gather feedback from those who tried the action myself, a description of the effectiveness, composition and method of application.

Start with the most important points which need to be clarified first.

Featured original SkinVitalis from fakes and copies

Next, you will important information on how to distinguish the original he fakes that have flooded the market, and make a negative background for a really quality product. It is worth noting that the original Liftened not sold in pharmacies. You can only buy on the official website.

The cost of the original and the site

The cost of the original can not be lower than 149 per day serving! Recommended effective course lasts about 21 days, a minimum of not less than 10 days. Thus the final cost of the recommended rate is about 3,000 les (current prices reported by the Manager during the sale).

The following is an example of the appearance of the official website and the website for the sale of crafts:

Check SkinVitalis and improve life

Packaging and release form

It is important to note the most obvious sign of forgery. Original SkinVitalis available only in the form of "sachets" (bags in Montazah)! Fakes are often produced in the form of a bottle or a tube.

Left the original bags on the right photo from fakes

Buy original products only at the official website, pay attention to the price and packaging, these tips will help you to choose really high-quality real product.

Description and advantages before analogues

Compared with the similar effect, serum for face SkinVitalis has several important differences:

  1. The composition does not contain chemicals, is made from natural ingredients.
  2. Not addictive, after completing the course the effect lasts for a long time.
  3. Has a complex effect on the skin. In addition to wrinkles, restores even tone, removes circles under the eyes, tightens sagging skin.

The manufacturer claims that after a passed course the skin becomes more elastic, the oval of the face becomes smooth, the skin is visibly tightened. This serum is suitable for use in any age, has no contraindications and side effects.

Composition SkinVitalis

Serum contains the following components:

  1. Allantoin. A natural antioxidant, perfectly eliminates the bags under the eyes.
  2. Extract of lavender. Normalizes the sebaceous glands, eliminates Shine.
  3. B vitamins Moisturizes the skin, saturates it with oxygen, effective in the fight against facial wrinkles.
  4. Essential oil of pelargonium. Has antiseptic and antimicrobial action, copes with acne and black dots.
  5. Lactic acid. Works on the principle of lifting. Destroys dead skin cells, regenerates new ones.
  6. Extract raspberry and lemon. The most powerful natural antioxidants, improve the complexion.
  7. The hyaluronic acid. Moisturizes the epidermis, smoothes deep wrinkles.

Check SkinVitalis and improve life

Usage instructions SkinVitalis

To achieve result, it is necessary to thoroughly wash the face with warm water and use the exfoliating sc.

Open the sachet and apply all the contents on the palm, heat in the hands and spread on face, neck and décolleté. Circular motion part you want to into the skin within minutes. Rinse the serum is not necessary.

Reviews and comments SkinVitalis

We've collected network comments and feedback about this tool and placed in this section.

Please leave your comments and opinions about in the comments under the review, thereby you will help to form an objective opinion about this tool!

Cost and where to buy?

As we pointed out above the total cost of the recommended rate of 21 days will be about ....

Shipping costs .... Payment on delivery, or courier, no prepayment.

In order not to run into a fake purchase only on the official site. Link below!

Share your feedback in the comments!

Check SkinVitalis and improve life

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