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Stress, environment, improper diet, poor quality care and age leave imprints on our face. Thinner collagen, hyaluronic acid produced less, and the epidermis begins to lose its former elasticity and becomes flabby.

But when you start to apply truly effective serum for rejuvenation, the aging process can block and this will help the active supplement Mezoderma.

Description Mezoderma

Mezoderma (Mezoderma) — exclusive serum for the destruction of the age-related changes of the epidermis, which can be a great alternative to salon procedures. High concentrations of valuable ingredients delivers intense anti-aging treatment, showing excellent results after the first use.

Concentrate Mezoderma revives and rejuvenates the cells of the dermis, spreading even large creases, and improves the oval of the face. In its composition the product does not contain parabens and synthetic ingredients. Hypoallergenic and suitable for every type of epidermis.

Advantages Mezoderma

Clients who have used the supplement Mezoderma within a month, I notice a major improvement in the appearance of the derma:

  • Minimizes depth of wrinkles;
  • Improves skin texture;
  • Corrects the facial contours;
  • The skin is moisturized for 12 hours;
  • The complexion is refreshed and becomes more smooth.

The principle of operation Mezoderma

Concentrate Mezoderma passed laboratory test and proved to be efficient not only during the period of active use, but also after its termination. The unique composition of the complex Mezoderma able to cope with negative factors and activates such processes on the surface and in deeper layers of the epidermis:

  • Protects the epidermis from the negative effects of the city environment;
  • Accelerates microcirculation in the tissues and promotes the active ingredients to work better;
  • Is able to restore the facial muscle tone;
  • Organizes the synthesis of collagen and hyaluronic acid;
  • Eliminates toxic substances;
  • Improves the local metabolism;
  • Stops the formation of new wrinkles;
  • The effect of using is natural and are longer than salon procedures.

Composition Mezoderma

The advanced formula contains a rich composition of elements that demonstrate a significant lifting effect. This result Mezoderma owe these elements:

  1. Highly active hyaluronic acid. Excellent moisturizer improves the tone and elasticity of the skin, the texture levels of the epidermis, fills wrinkles from the inside. Well rehabilitates the extracellular matrix.
  2. Purified collagen molecules. Valuable structural ingredients of the epidermis. Pass into the deeper layers of the epidermis and restore its elasticity. Include production of collagen. Able to maintain hydration of the dermis throughout the day due to the invisible film left after use of the supplement.
  3. Moisturizing complex of vegetable oils (olive, coconut, etc.). Activates the regeneration of tissues, retains moisture in the epidermis to restore its tone. Contains a healing complex of essential elements for care of the epidermis.
  4. Herbal extracts (aloe, chamomile, blueberry, etc.). Slows the aging process of the epidermis. Meleret dark spots, evens the tone and texture of the epidermis.
  5. Temp-ake, amino acids and peptides. The multicomplex of high-performance nanoparticles, has a significant rejuvenating effect and protects the epidermis from the harmful effects of external negative factors.

Application Mezoderma

To purchase resistant the success of the supplement Mezoderma should be applied for 4-6 weeks. The treatment should be repeated several times a year. The minimum interval is 1 month.

The mechanism of application: twice a day everyday after cleansing procedures, apply to the face, eyelids, neck and neckline. For the best action lightly massage problematic areas.

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